This is my very first post…how exciting! I’ve enjoyed reading so many blogs and taken so much inspiration from them.  I have often thought about having my own blog to share my crafty creations but never done anything about it…yet today, it seems that the time is right!!!

So…welcome to my blog!

I’m a big lover of all things handmade, whether that be fabric crafts, paper crafts, crochet,knitting, baking….I could go on! I love to appreciate the time, care and skill people put into their handmade things and hope you will enjoy a little insight into my handmade creations, x

Up until now the only people who have seen my crafts are my family, friends and my pussycats! Whisky, my big black cat is very fond of crochet…he particularly likes to check out work in progress! Sadly, my gorgeous girl Guinness (Whisky’s sister) is no longer with us but she really liked my quilts and had her very own made just for her! We’ve just had a new addition to our family, Oreo, my little black and white kitten…he just seems to be into everything and at nine weeks he hasn’t yet made his mind up on which craft he likes best but he is particularly fond of dressmaking tissue paper patterns!!!

Well, it’s time to go and get busy now so thanks for reading! Next time I’ll start to share some of my crafty makes…I can’t wait, x


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. your the most talented person I know and your the best auntie anyone could have, and may I add that your also pretty damn good teacher, love you lots and good luck to you and your blog even though I know you wont need it xxx

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