A sneaky peak at my new sewing room…work in progress!!!

Over the past year or more I’ve been dabbling in craft with the intentions of having my own mini craft business. As my dabbles have taken more of a positive path recently my lovely husband decided that my sewing needed to have a home rather than being spread out across the whole house!!! For my birthday in January he gave me fab storage for haberdashery…I love it, it’s super organised and easy to access! It’s a perfect space to store my ever increasing button and ribbon stash…

This weekend we made the big decision to get rid of the bed in the spare bedroom and make a dedicated sewing area…I was so excited!!! The room was cleared out and measured and then the planning began…what size cutting table did I need, could I have a dedicated ironing station, space for my new Gemini machine and of course my beautiful Bernina sewing machine!!! 

We took a trip to Ikea and bought lots of goodies ready for the renovation. I’ve got plans for pretty accessories, lots more storage and sewing niceties…I can’t wait to get creative in my new space! As soon as it’s ready I’ll be sharing pictures, so watch this space, x


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