My sewing room update…

In my last blog post I let you all know that I was finally going to have my very own sewing room…and it’s just about finished!!! Let’s take a look, I’m so excited!!!

This is part of my workbench…it’s perfect for my cutting area as I can access two sides of my mat and there’s space to turn the mat without having to move the fabric. Above the cutting area I’ve got stylish floating shelves to store my crafting goodies…the boxes are all full but in true teacher style, they all need labelling so I know what’s where! I’ve got my own little tv to watch craft programmes or sewing DVDs whilst I’m busy making things.  I love it!

The back wall of my room has two cupboards which are full of fabric…ssssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone I’ve got that much fabric!!! Ontop of the cupboard I’ve now got the perfect space for my Gemini die cutting machine…this is my new toy and it is fantastic, it cuts out fabric shapes like a dream! I’ve got all my patchwork rulers and tools hanging, and I’ve even got a cat tail hanging hook for my mini ironing board!

I’ve got more storage and space for my crafting books under the roof slope…clever!

My haberdashery wall is brilliant! I can see everything and it’s all really easy to get to….so organised!

Sorry this isn’t the greatest picture….but in reality it’s fab! I’ve got the best sewing table with space for my bits and bobs to the right and a big workspace to the left for my fabric.

I even have space for my little kitten, Oreo…he’s always close by and seems to find the sound of my sewing machine the perfect music to send him to sleep!

I hope you like my new sewing room….I’ve still got some pretty things to add but I need to make them first! I’d love to see your crafting corners or sewing spaces so please share!

On a final note, my lovely husband even bought me some coordinating flowers as a welcome to your sewing room surprise! I’m a lucky duck, x


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