Better late than never…

I’ve been having crafting withdrawal symptoms…it’s over a month since I’ve made anything other than a mess!!! Our family have had a bit of an unbelievable time recently, too unbelievable for a storyline in a favourite tv soap, so unfortunately my crafting has just gone out of the window along with many other things.

 I know I’ve not had time to craft and I’ve just left my sewing room to gather dust…big mistake! It has taken hours to get things sorted out, as a dedicated crafter, even though I’ve not had time to make anything, I’ve still continued to buy things!!! My husband calls me the bag lady as he’s never known anybody to have so many bags of crafting goodies squirrelled away in so many different places…I think it’s a talent! I saw this online and I thought it summed up my situation perfectly 😀

Hours later and my sewing room is back into some reasonable looking state…just a few more Orla Kiely hessian shopping bags to unpack and then I’m ready for action. I can’t wait!!!

I’ve got a little treat lined up as part of the Crafter’s Companion Birthday Week celebrations which start on Thursday 20th October so I’d better get making, fingers crossed I still know how to craft!

Happy crafting, x


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