My crafting creations: a whistle-stop tour of Angerella’s Crafts!!!


I’m finally getting round to catching up with my never ending to-do list…yippee!!! My list of things to do looked something like this:

  1. make sure my crafting photographs have all been uploaded onto my Angerella’s crafts Pinterest page
  2. make sure my crafting projects have been blogged onto my Angerella’s crafts blog
  3. make all of my outstanding handmade Christmas gifts
  4. make an item for the Mind crafter noon blog hop for Crafter’s Companion and write a blog/tutorial

It looks a short list but believe me…in reality it’s huge!!!

Anyway, I started well this morning and updated my Pinterest page surprisingly quickly, it’s so much easier when you make the effort to actually turn the computer on rather than using a mobile device! I’ve made a little dent in my Christmas sewing…no worries about that though, I’ve still got a few weeks left!!! I’ve made my mystery item for the next blog hop, and this post is all about point 2…so by the end of this post, 1 and 2 will be up to date, 3 and 4 remain work in progress. Not bad for a Monday!!!

So here goes for a whistle-stop tour of my crafting creations…if you would like any details about individual projects then just ask, x

These are a selection of wreaths I’ve made this year…I love a wreath and have them to adorn my dining room door throughout the year.  I have made crochet and knitted wreaths, wrapped wreaths, rag wreaths and personalised wreaths.  I think my favourite this year has to be the Spring crochet and knitted wreath: it took a long time to make all of the elements and put it all together and it was the first time I’d followed a knitting pattern for a daffodil and it worked!!!

I’ve also made quite a few heart related items this year…hearts are such a classic shape which can work well for so many different occasions. My favourite heart project has to be the heart cushion and coordinating shabby chic blanket: they were relatively straight forward to make but transformed the look of the occasional chair in my dining room instantly.

I love the way cushions can change the look of a room, keeping it fresh, linking in with home décor themes or seasonal trends.  My favourite cushion has to be the free-motion pumpkin.  I made this using the offcuts from another project and did the free-motion sewing pumpkin from my own little doodle…I was very pleased with myself!!!

I have made so much bunting this year but don’t seem to have photographs of it all…I must remember to keep a record of the items I’ve made for people!  My favourite bunting has to be the strawberry tea party bunting.  It was such a pleasure to make and wonderful to use such a quality fabric, and it was for such a worthwhile cause, x

I’ve really enjoyed making lots of one-offs or specifically requested products to tie in with new releases of crafting items on Crafter’s Companion website.  I’ve been really happy with all of these makes for different reasons:

  • button tic tac toe was a super quick project and is the perfect stocking filler!
  • jar mop caps really dress-up a silly little gift such as a jar of marmite or a jam jar of favourite sweets and makes the gift more personal
  • a fabric gift box can be made to be part of the gift rather than just packaging and then be upcycled as a storage box
  • the mini quilt/wall-hanging quote just says it all really!
  • the shabby chic vintage style floral jug is just adorable…the colours and styling just work so well together.

My final batch of makes to share with you demonstrate the varied nature of my crafting projects this year!  A string Christmas tree, a button angel, a pumpkin pie pincushion, a bow bag, cupcake napkins, mug hugs and tea bag wallets, and finally personalised covered notebooks.

Thank you to:

  • Crafter’s Companion for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Inspirer’s Design Team
  • Angerella’s Crafts customers who have ordered bespoke products from me
  • My family and friends for giving me the encouragement to be “Angerella’s Crafts”
  • My lovely Rebecca for giving me the incentive to start sewing again after such a difficult time this year
  • My Mr H for accommodating all of my crafting supplies in just about every room in the house and not nagging me about it every day of the week!!!
  • My mam…I know that you’re so proud of me and I’ll never stop looking for you in rainbows…love you lots like jelly tots, xxxAngela Harkness

Happy crafting, much love Angela, x


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